"A sourcebook that both informs and de-mystifies the phenomenon of SAP.  Filled with charts, tables,case studies, and more than a touch of humor."   Nancy Bancroft, author of Implementing SAP R/3, Prentice Hall

The Super User (R)evolution  by Michael Doane & Ginger Luttrell

​​​​​Books by Michael Doane

While SAP customers and partners are the main audience, I think there are a lot of reasons for SAP itself to make “The Green Book” required reading. If SAP really wants to continue to grow and remain competitive, and it definitely does, the issues raised in this book need to be understood and addressable by everyone at SAP, from the field to the executive suite.                                      Joshua Greenbaum, Enterprise Applications Consulting

" We’ve had plenty of great advice on how to get the most out of our SAP solution since Go Live, a lot of which unfortunately got lost in the noise and sheer volume of ideas.  The SAP Green Book, Thrive After Go-Live clearly distilled the most important principles and brought them to life.  It’s helped clarify a number of areas and simplified the roadmap for our journey.  A must read for all CIO’s using SAP. " 
                                   Chris Barendregt, Chief Information Officer, Fonterra

Tony Caesar, VP IT & CIO
PrimeSource Building Products

SAP Green Book, A Business Guide for Managing the SAP Lifecycle

“The SAP Blue Book is already a classic and I expect the SAP Green Book to join its ranks as a dog-eared mainstay of SAP project and support teams. Mr. Doane has a knack for breaking the complexities of SAP into simple, elemental models for gaining business benefit. These books comprise your go-to guide for SAP success.    Jon Reed, Diginomica

This book provides the best practices for getting value out of SAP investments AFTER go-live. It covers solutions for overcoming the negative effects of poor implementation, measurement of SAP maturity, how to build and sustain a Center of Excellence, how to weather a global fiscal crisis, how to effectively make SAP a partner rather than just a supplier, and much more.

This book is now distributed through SAP Press

“The book we’ve been waiting for. Concise, wise, hard-headed & sassy advice for helping users and your company to thrive after go-live”

Since 1998, The SAP Blue Book has been used by project leaders, executives, systems integrators, university professors, and SAP trainers as the essential go-to guide about SAP. 

While other books on SAP offer a technical viewpoint, The SAP Blue Book provides a business-centric view of SAP and informs readers as to how SAP works, how to best leverage its power, how to gain business benefit, and how to manage the organizational changes it engenders. 

This book is now distributed through SAP Press

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SAP Blue Book, A Concise Business Guide to the World of SAP