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Our goal is simple: To promote teamwork in projects to drive project success. One project at a time. How about yours?


Over the past twenty-five years, project failure has grown in frequency and consequence despite the best efforts of improved methodologies and tools. Loss of time and money, damage to employee morale, and even litigation costs all result from poor project performance that we believe most often stems for a lack of teamwork between client project members and their service providers. Click on the logo for more information. 

Mr. Doane has more than forty years of business and information systems experience, including thirty-three years in consulting and as an industry analyst. He has led enterprise applications consulting practices in the U.S., Europe, and Asia and has published five books on enterprise applications and project management methods and issues. Prior to his services background, Mr. Doane was the European IS director for the Plessey Company Ltd. and the CIO of Ferry Peter, a French division of Wiggins Teape.

Over the past year, Mr. Doane has turned to dedicating his time to improve collaboration between clients and their suppliers in the realm of enterprise applications and digital transformation assets (Big Data, IoT, Analytics, Machine Learning, Blockchain et al). What is required is a much greater level of technical awareness and dedication on the part of clients and improved transparency from vendors and services providers.

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The Enterprise Alliance Mission:

To advance a practical executive roadmap of enterprise applications activities beyond the underlying business software, such as business measurement, deployment dynamics, organizational change management, knowledge transfer, consulting and more.

To facilitate peer-to-peer introductions and accelerate business decisions in a focused setting with deal-making facilities and meeting functions.

To promote industry best practices, project excellence, industry insight and thought leadership.

To create the richest and most engaging content experience from the industry’s leading experts, executives and thought leaders.