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About Michael Doane

Michael Doane is a leading authority on enterprise applications. He advises clients on strategies, implementation and integration with a focus upon methods for deriving continuous and measurable value from enterprise applications investments. 

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Mr. Doane is the author of The SAP Blue Book, a Concise Business Guide to the World of SAP and The SAP Green Book, Thrive After Go-Live.

On five occasions, Mr. Doane has worked as an expert witness in SAP project litigation.

For a sample of Mr. Doane's presentation style and content, view this video.



The State of SAP 2013
While SAP continues to acquire new technology firms to complement what is STILL its core product (enterprise applications software), I cannot help but feel that the continued (extended) focus on technology, at the cost of business focus, is a mistake.

Follow my blog through the autumn of 2013 for more.


Announcing the First Ever Methodology for Building a Sustainable Center of Excellence

While many service providers tout their ability to help clients build a viable business-based Center of Excellence, we found that none of them had a complete methodology for doing so. Over the past year, Doane Associates has built The Bridge Method. 

For details regarding a Center of Excellence, read The SAP Green Book, Thrive After Go Live.

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